Exploring Exploris: Gresham Design's Latest Concept

By Rose-Hannah Lishman

The drawing boards of Steve Gresham are oozing with expertise from some of the most well-known design firms in the game. Working with studios such as Tony Castro and H2, Gresham gained the wealth of experience needed to open his own firm in 2013. Now penning some of the most creative designs on the market, we take a look at Exploris; the 100m explorer from Gresham Yacht Design that is anything but traditional.

With a length that would take her well into the Top 100, and an equally impressive beam of 18m Exploris is a giant in size and stature. Add into the equation an Ice Class Hull, heli-pad, heli-hanger and two custom 12.5m tenders and there’s a fool-proof recipe for limitless exploration.

In fact, there’s even a Trident Submerisble, dive facility and decompression chamber for the ultra-adventurous.

Designed to take guest anywhere and allow them to do almost anything, Exploris has taken the masculine aesthetic of an expedition yacht and combined it with a height that adds a feeling of stability; even from the exterior view.

Towering above the ocean, the 100m adds an argument for superyachts to require the specification of vertical height alongside length, and increases the intrigue as to what’s inside.

Beneath the robust exterior, Exploris’ explorers will enjoy a full private promenade deck with observation saloon and extra-wide side decks, which enhances the yacht’s exterior curves. When not out discovering the world’s destinations, her owners will benefit from a private deck, with forward observation lounge and interiors by Seymour Diamond.

The main saloon, located forward frames the surrounding landscape with panoramic views, while al fresco space is split into separate areas for lounging, dining, Jacuzzi-going and swimming in the 10m long swim-jet pool.  

Joining a handful of 100m+ explorers in the concept category, we look forward to seeing her profile come to fruition as the desire to traverse every corner of the globe continues…

By Rose-Hannah Lishman