Exploring The World With Alloy Yachts' CaryAli

By Ben Roberts

With experienced and passionate owners who have taken their boats to many parts of the world over the past 35 years, CaryAli was commissioned to challenge the talents and expertise of the naval architect, the shipyard and the interior designer.

The owners envisioned a yacht that would be equally at home crossing the Pacific as snuggling into a slip in any port of call. An "explorer yacht" - in the true sense of the term that could carry the owners plus eight guests to remote destinations in safety, comfort and a high standard of style.

Looking at CaryAli, whether at anchor or underway, it is immediately apparent that she possesses design elements from classic, sea-proven vessels, such as oceanographic research ships, Navy vessels, and long-range fishing trawlers. Among these elements the owners specified a deep draft, steel hull, aluminium superstructure, heavy displacement (460 tons), a high bow with a "wave breaker" on the foredeck, a fairing line to break the curve of the hull from the chine at the waterline to the main deck, an underwater bulb projecting eight feet forward of the bow-stem and a pleasing shear-line from the high bow to the low transom.

CaryAli's hull and superstructure clearly express her identity: an ocean-going vessel with sea-keeping ability uncompromised by trendy gimmicks of yacht design seen in so many boats today. Even the hull colour, a dark complex grey, is redolent of a serious ship. This same exterior colour and shades of this colour are used throughout the entire interior of the yacht -once again joining the interior and exterior.

Nowhere is it more evident in the integration of interior and exterior visual appeal, practicality at sea and functionality …than the bridge deck. On this deck, the bridge deck’s saloon aft glass doors slide open completely…. effortlessly unifying both spaces harmoniously so that they become ‘one space’. The owners also required that all decks anywhere on the yacht have full wide walk around. This enables the owners, guests and crew to be able to feel the environment at sea whenever desired….along with easy access into the interior spaces.

An additional area that is holistically integrated is the sun deck. The use of curved sliding and retractable glass panels enable guests to either be enclosed or exposed to the elements in varying degrees and as is necessary. Fully closed - the glass panels protect from either wind or rain or one can either open completely or partially open and control the amount of wind desired.

Another requirement of the design is the ability of the yacht to carry three military type tenders on her foredeck – a 7.3 meter military Zodiac, a 5.6 meter military Zodiac and a 4.5 meter military Zodiac. These tenders, as part of the exterior brief, enable us to be ‘one with the sea’ and ‘one with the land’ when desired. This, in our opinion is a very important holistic element of design. The tenders are an extension of the yacht and extend our ability to explore both the sea and the land.

On the other side of the design brief, the owners were not going to compromise on comfort and style. The interior design is classically nautical yet modern and cool. Varnished wood, leather, and stainless steel inlays are used throughout. Ensuite baths are statuary marble with stainless steel inlays and mirrors. All cabins and ensuites have large ports and four of the cabins have showers opening to the sea. 

In summary, travelling to exotic far flung places aboard CaryAli is to experience a total integrated experience regarding the original design requirements of long distance cruising along with their desire to entertain guests at the highest standard of comfort, fun and style.  

By Ben Roberts
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