Farouk Nefzi Discusses Feadship's Family Values

By Ben Roberts

Feadship are giants of the yachting world. The Dutch shipyard has been responsible for some of the most outstanding vessels to have launched over the past 165 years, and it continues push the boundaries of innovation.

But despite its size, central to its values are that everyone who works there is treated as part of the family. And this was a key part of what Farouk Nefzi, Feadship’s Marketing and Brand Director, wanted to get across when we caught up with him in London.

Speaking to us at The May Fair hotel during Superyachts.com’s Top 100 Launch event, he began by telling us about the evolution of Feadship.

“I always tend to look at Feadship as one big family,” he said. “And throughout the years it’s always been part of our DNA. If you look at the families that have been building Feadship into what it has become today, you can always see that it evolves along with all of our co-workers that we have.

“We have several generations of co-workers working alongside everything that we’ve been doing so far, so they’ve grown with us, and that specialism has transformed itself into building the best yachts in the world and we’re maintaining those very special and passionate people that surround us within the company.

“The second thing is that we have invested heavily throughout the years in literally building unique yachts for that one specific person that has his own DNA and it’s like building one finger print for one client. So uniqueness is basically I think the theme that has been driving Feadship together and alongside the family heritage that we have.

“This is what sets Feadship apart from the rest and we take pride in all the beautiful people that surround us within our own company. Everybody should be happy to work here and that translates in building the best products.”

We then asked him how he thinks that the demands of yacht owners have changed over the years.

“Well you could see that yachts have become a little bit larger throughout the years,” he said. “What you also see is because of the regions where owners come from you also see a different layout of the yacht. What they have in their own private situations, in their own homes, they also want on their yacht. So we’ve seen larger pools, we’ve seen spas coming in, there’s more investment in external areas on the yacht, so bringing that to life on the yacht is the evolution of what yachts have become today.”

You can watch the full video interview with Farouk Nefzi above this article.

By Ben Roberts
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