Feadship On The Balance Of Method And Madness

By Ben Roberts

Feadship has a long standing history of delivering the highest quality in full-custom yachts, and while custom is in the DNA of the superyacht industry, we ask Dick van Lent, CEO of Feadship, and Farouk Nefzi, Group Brand Director, about what it takes to create a Feadship.

“Madness goes with everything we do,” Explains Dick van Lent, “because of the fact that everyone in the team, whether it is the man on the shop floor, has passion. The client himself or the consultant or captain, everyone drives for making the ultimate product for the client at the end of the day so everyone in the team searches for this little bit of madness, an extra bit of quality or adding a little bit of detail […] that’s what drives us all and keeps us enthusiastic.”

Over 2015, Feadship launched a number of breathtaking superyachts, from Savannah to Symphony, and quickly gave us an insight into the upcoming projects entering and leaving the yard in 2016.

“What we can say so far is that we have a very healthy order book,” adds Farouk Nefzi, “we have nineteen projects in our order portfolio […] the only thing is that what we see at the moment is that we are building nine yachts above 70 metres and to be more accurate, five yachts above 90 metres. We slowly see a shift to building larger yachts and we’re able to cater to that, maintaining the level of quality and pursuit for perfection.”

For an insight into these projects and the method behind the madness of custom superyachts design and construction, watch the full video above.

By Ben Roberts
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