Feadship to Rebuild Classic Yacht Istros

By Anna Solomon

Exciting news from Feadship: The shipyard is embarking on a rebuild of the iconic 1954 motoryacht Istros. This ambitious project will give the 42m build a brand new aluminium superstructure which retaining the vintage elegance of her original hull.

Istros was built nearly seven decades ago by Amsterdam Shipyard Ltd. G. de Vries Lentsch Jr on behalf of the Greek shipping family Pappadakis. At the time of her launch she was one of the largest motoryachts ever built in the Netherlands, and wowed local journalists with her luxury pedigree. One report expressed awe at the violet-blue bathrooms, advanced radar system and a telephone which could be used to “call people anywhere in the world from  wherever in the world the yacht may be.”

The rebuild will not only restore the wonderfully preserved 42m to her former glory, but equip her with the latest technology and renovate her to the highest standards of Feadship quality.

The yacht’s name means inspiration - a fitting title for a vessel with a backstory as rich as Istros’. Once a pioneer of its time, attempts at restoring the 42m began several years ago but stalled due to lack of funds. The new owner then turned to Feadship to complete the job.

The project kicked off in 2018, with the removal of the superstructure and the stripping and reconditioning of the hull, and will culminate in Istros being returned to the glamorous gentleman’s yacht of yesteryear. Once the hull has been refitted, a new aluminium superstructure will be added before the construction of a new engine room

Finally, the vessel’s interior will be family-oriented and child-friendly, mixing contemporary function with chic, warm, Scandinavian style.

The revolutionised Istros will relaunch before the summer of 2020, with the combination of Feadship and the owner’s expertise forecasting the project as one that will go down in history.

By Anna Solomon
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