Feadship's Henk De Vries On The Meaning of Custom

By Paul Joseph

The characteristically effervescent CEO of Feadship joined us to share his view on the new market landscape, the shake-ups going on across the superyacht industry and the reveal behind the true meaning behind the word custom.

“At the moment there is a big shake up going on, finally,” explains Henk de Vries, CEO of Feadship. “The crisis hit in 2008, many of us sailed through until 11/12, the good guys picked up a few orders and are picking up serious business in 12/13/14; but if you’re a mediocre shipyard with no reputation or you have no background in yacht building, the market is too small to support all these companies.”

“So, what a lot of companies are doing is standardising the product to be competitive … I consider [Peter Lurssen] not only a formidable competitor, but a partner in developing the market in ever more complex, still refined and still customer friendly [projects].”

It’s clearly an interesting phase for the whole superyacht industry at the moment, and the Monaco Yacht Show has already illustrated this on the first day. Watch the full video above for more from Henk de Vries.

By Paul Joseph
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