Ferretti Group Announces Shift In Board Of Directors

By Ben Roberts

The Shareholders' assembly of CRN S.p.A has led to a shift in the Board of Directors as Lamberto Tacoli leaves the company at the end of his mandate of President and CEO of CRN.

Lamberto Tacoli leaves the Company after serving many years in different Ferretti Group Companies. The Ferretti Group itself has enforced its position of trust in Mr Tacoli as he embarks on his new role of Chairman of the Association “Nautica Italiana”, where he will continue to represent the interests of the Italian nautical industry.

The Chairman of the Board, Alberto Galassi, Vice Chairman, Piero Ferrari and members of the board Stefano de Vivo, Giordano Pellacani, Italo Valenti and Marco Zammarchi will be in charge of leading one of the finest yacht building brands further into the future.

Exact details of CRNs plans under new management are yet to be announced, however we look forward to bringing them to you as and when they emerge.

By Ben Roberts
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