First Ever Amels 199 Superyacht Sold

By B. Roberts

Amels has announced the successful sale of the first ever Limited Editions Amels 199 superyacht – the fifth Amels yacht sold in five months.

The first Amels 199 is being customised for a repeat client of the Limited Editions range. With hull construction for this distinctive superyacht already well underway, Amels have confidently announced a scheduled delivery of spring 2013.

Designer, Tim Heywood, commented on the sale of the first Amels 199, “I designed the Amels 199 to look powerful and beautiful, a modern classic to reflect a new era in superyachting. I love the power of the vertical bow profile, although I wanted to soften this with the subtle curvature of the scimitar bow shape and the tumblehome in the forward sections. Even in concept form the design has proved to be a real head-turner, and I can’t wait to see the reaction now that concept is becoming a 199-foot reality.”

Project managed in collaboration with Imperial Yachts, who are currently overseeing the new 177, her owner has commissioned Italian designer, Laura Sessa, to style the interior of the Amels 199 yacht to his personal tastes.

The owner of the first ever Amels 199 superyacht specified several areas for extensive customisation, including an enclosed lounge on the sun deck, a Touch & Go helicopter platform on the foredeck, and a central staircase that connects all levels from the lower deck up to the sun deck.

Other elements of customisation on the Amels 199 are the two folding balconies, situated port and starboard side of main deck, opening the boat on both sides near the main dining room.

Amels Managing Director, Rob Luijendijk, noted that the sale of the first Amels 199 provided strong evidence of the success of the Limited Editions semi-custom range.

“The Limited Editions philosophy is about building superior yachts that offer excellent value and good delivery times,” explains Luijendijk. “Our clients know that when they order a Tim Heywood-designed Amels yacht, it will be beautiful, it will be delivered on time, function perfectly, while still offering ample opportunity for customisation. They know they are buying a yacht that will bring them great please and satisfaction, and a safe investment for the future.”

Luijendijk continues, “It’s remarkable how Limited Editions have continued to sell, even through recent times – one of the toughest economic periods the industry has ever seen. With the sale of two Amels 177’s, two Amels 180’s and now the Amels 199, that’s five yachts sold in five months.”

Since the Limited Editions concept was introduced in 2005, seven yachts have been delivered and 12 more projects are under construction, featuring hulls from the Amels 177, Amels 180, Amels 199 and Amels 212 ranges.

Amels are also currently finalising designs for the largest yacht in the fleet, the 73.5m Amels 242.

By B. Roberts
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