Floating Life On The Porsche Royal Falcon Fleet

By Ben Roberts

Pioneering the field of fractional ownership through unique design and innovative management structures, we spoke to Andrea Pezzini about the introspective brokerage expertise and the Porsche Royal Falcon Fleet.

The Royal Falcon Fleet came around when Porsche Design joined forces with the Royal Falcon Fleet in Sweden, revealing a ground-breaking collaboration bringing one of the biggest names in automotive design to the water at last.

“That is the future, I think it’s a complete another type of boat,” explains Andrea Pezzini, CEO of Floating Life. “One catamaran, huge, with an incredible space inside. More expansive than the yacht plus boat, has a totally different feel, less clients on board and organised like a club for very high up rich people.”

When asked about the new construction projects underway with the yacht management company, Andrea spoke to us about an interesting new revelation following the growing demand for exploration.

“The new construction we are working [on] … I am organising a new construction for a client who wants to do a tour around the world. [It’s] very interesting, quite unusual for us also as we started dedicating for dedicated client and, speaking with another client who is interested in the same thing, so maybe we have two in one year.”

To hear more about the Floating Life ethos, the evolution of fractional ownership and the latest projects, watch the above interview with Andrea Pezzini.

By Ben Roberts
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