Fraser Pioneer Augmented Reality Yacht Marketing

By Ben Roberts

Fraser Yachts has proudly announced that it is the first superyacht brokerage house to embrace the powers of augmented reality for the marketing and promotion of its superyachts.

“We’re always looking for new ideas and new technologies to better serve our clients” explained Patrick Coote, Global Marketing Director at Fraser Yachts. “Yachting is not a rational past time, it is about the experience of being onboard and having the most amazing holiday with family or friends; and one of the biggest challenges we face is how to convey the emotional aspect of stepping onboard. Whilst many people appreciate the quality of printed material, a two
dimensional image can only show half the story. Now using the power of augmented reality we can bring still images to life.”

By downloading a free App from the App Store or Google Play, users will be able to view extra content such as videos from printed publications by simply holding their mobile device over an image marked as having extra content

The first examples of this can be seen on the Fraser Yachts YouTube Channel. The video also explains how Fraser Yachts will be using the technology in a variety of different ways over the coming year.

In addition, Augmented Reality content has been added throughout the 2013/2014 Charter Portfolio which will be released in early January.

By Ben Roberts