FreeStyle Slides: Sun Deck To Salt Water In Under Six Seconds

By Ben Roberts

Each product within the diverse superyacht toy spectrum was created to capture the imaginations of the inner-child within charter guests and owners alike, and no innovation better encapsulates this than the FreeStyle Slide.

Upon first sight, the FreeStyle Slide ignites an immediate emotional response. Each product within the FreeStyle Slide range is the result of seven years of innovating in order to create concentrated enjoyment.

When Lazy Z first showcased her inflatable slide at yacht shows across the world, a whole new attraction was born and FreeStyle Slides had seized the attentions of millions; however, this was just the start of an incredible journey.

All shapes, all sizes and all styles have been created by Freestyle Slides Inc. and with the holidays around the corner, here’s a breakdown of seven years of innovations.

Freestyle Slides’ Cruiser range, stemming from the LS, NLS, NLS+ and IS are being innovated to create the highest quality, space saving and easily deployed slides to take you from the sun-deck to the sea in speed and style.

All slides are custom fitted to each specific yacht, adding a bespoke element to the many features crafted to create an effortless and enjoyable addition to any yacht. Each slide is measured, the slide will mount over and bring you safely and swiftly down to the water line whether it’s leg supported or non-leg supported.

Water Toys
While these slides add an element to the sun-deck, Freestyle Slides have created products such as a floating island, trampolines, pools, climbing towers, rock walls, stand alone slides, building attachment slides and docks.

No matter what your view of fun is, there is something for any charterer or owner in a range of different products designed to save space, and add a whole new level of high-octane, family-friendly luxury to any trip.

By Ben Roberts