Getting to Know Genoa with Marina Porto Antico

By Christina Tsangaris

The gelato coloured coastline of Genoa, clustered across the Italian Riviera and honeyed by the sun, is one of the most characteristic regions of the Mediterranean. Rustic in its allure and austere in its character, just one of its secrets is knows just how to turn on the charm for superyacht owners. Porto Antico the bustling heart of it, is where superyacht owners begin their Mediterranean voyage, and return to with intrigue, time and time again.

Here to share all the word-of-mouth hotspots only a local would tell you, Marina Porto Antico discuss what makes this place a true treasure along your ocean voyage...

The region of Genova is stunning. Could you tell us why charter guests should prioritise this region, what makes it so magical?
Guests often arrive in our city thinking that there is not so much to see, but once they visit Genova they usually extend their stay! We like to consider Genoa as the first gem itself. Here you can find art, culture, nature, sea and mountains, all displayed in a unique context to be visited and slowly discovered.

By mooring at Marina Porto Antico, you can reach the old Maritime Republic, where the web of streets give you an instant access to the heart of Genova. The beautiful and romantic bay of Boccadasse, once a fishermen village is also in close proximity, as well as the panoramic spot of Castelletto, a photographer’s dream aching to be captured.

How can superyacht owners utilise Porto Antico to explore other regions of Italy?
Marina Porto Antico is centrally located with easy access to the airport, main train station and historic points of interest.  Using our harbour as base, you can sail along the coast and reach unique and enchanting places which are the envy of the world, such as Portofino, the Baia del Silenzio, Cinque Terre, Portovenere and the Golfo dei Poeti. The territory of Camogli also lends to an interesting itinerary; one of the most popular leads from Porto Pidocchio to San Rocco Church. In Portofino, our tip is Castello Brown Brown Castle, presenting an unforgettable view of the village!

How does Marina Porto Antico offer a variety of berthing facilities and provisions to accommodate superyachts?
Genoa is one of Italy's largest commercial ports and the harbour is safe, well-protected and without current. Specifically, Marina Porto Antico offers the an array of amenities to meet the needs of both crew and owners; from deep water berths for vessels up to 75 meters (larger vessels can be accommodated with advance notice), friendly, multilingual staff, 24 hour gated security, as well as walking distance to numerous shops, services and restaurants.

The onsite entertainment in Marina Porto Antico makes it more than just a marina. Could you share with us some of the other attractions and features of the village?
There are plenty of things to do here and in the surrounding area: marvel the works designed by the Italian architect Renzo Piano – the Bigo and the Biosphere, soak up the sights of San Lorenzo Cathedral. A must-see? Via Garibaldi, a pedestrian street with two of the most wonderful Palaces, Palazzo Rosso and Palazzo Bianco, used to host Kings, Princes and visits of state.

Don’t miss the numerous trattorias and restaurants spread across the old town, where you can enjoy the best and most famous dishes of the Ligurian culinary tradition; Pasta with pesto, codfish, focaccia, farinata and stuffed vegetables!

Lastly, for those looking to plan their Mediterranean charter for 2018, tell us what must be on the bucket list?
To visit the Lanterna (the symbol of the city), to eat the typical “fugassa” and the famous “Focaccia al formaggio”, to visit the Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace), to taste the “panera semifreddo” ice cream… Oh and did we mention shopping at luxury hotspot Via Roma?

Brimming with a wealth of architecture, artistic grandeur and a dynamic culinary scene, the austere aesthetic that makes up the Ligurian coast, steals our hearts alone. Porto Antico, the yachting heart of it, proves this gem of Italy deserves a winning spot on your charter itinerary.

By Christina Tsangaris