Giancarlo Ragnetti On The Future of Sailing Yachts

By Ben Roberts

Joining us in London for the Top 100 Forecast Preview Event, Giancarlo Ragnetti, CEO of Perini Navi, took the time to sit down with Shari Liu to discuss the future of large sailing yachts from the perspective of the world leading Italian shipyard.

Sailing yachts are increasing in number," comments Giancarlo. "Why? First, because [the owner] can say the line of the sailing yacht is much nicer than that of a motor yacht, it’s normal, but also I think if you want to live near to the sea, a sailing yacht is what is necessary ... A motor yacht is something beautiful [but] it’s not so green, and not so beautiful that it gives you the taste of the sea and living on the sea.

Perini Navi is a family-run business renowned for their expertise in the construction of both sailing yachts, and more recently, motor yachts after entering the market with their Picchiotti Vitruvius range.

However, with more radical sailing yacht projects emerging across the world such as H2’s concept Atlas or Oceanco’s latest project Solar, Giancarlo Ragnetti commented on how he feels about more sailing yachts entering the market in the future.

“Sailing yachts have started to increase in number, especially in dimension. I hope within the next year we have the opportunity to build much more sailing yachts [as well as] motor yachts.”

By Ben Roberts
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