Gill Schmid Unveils 65m Hybrid SEE Concept: The Next Generation

By Freya Cottrell

A concept reflective of today’s new sense of lifestyle, Gill Schmid Design and Lateral Naval Architects have worked in close collaboration to design a superyacht that encompasses a sense of luxury and innovation whilst maintaining a less formalised style of yachting. The result is the revolutionary 65m SEE.

SEE’s groundbreaking E-hybrid system is a direct result of engineering enabling design. The design and layout of this 65m vessel reflects a flexible engineering approach made possible by the pioneering E-hybrid system architecture by Lateral. Based on batteries as the primary source of onboard power, diesel engines are provided for battery recharging only, and the option to select diesel generators is provided purely due to efficiency and optimum energy density. The operational advantages of the vessel as a whole are overwhelming, particularly from a sustainability standpoint as the reduction in use of diesel engines will have a positive environmental impact. Additionally, the efficiency of the overall architecture, the flexibility of the layout and the maintenance of the vessel will be positively affected by this innovation system. Guests will even benefit from it as there will be noticeable reduction in noise and vibration within the vessel.

Keen to redefine luxury as the non-material and instead exemplify it in: travelling the world with family and friends, making memories and sharing adventures, SEE gives guests the luxury of freedom to experience more. The length of the superyacht enables her unrestricted access to any waters meaning that the exploration of unique and remote areas of the planet is wide open. Discover the azure skies of the Caribbean, moor in the ancient harbours of Greece, watch the Monaco Grand Prix or even support marine-science expeditions - nothing is off limits.

SEE facilitates the luxury to make unforgettable memories. With spacious pool and spa suites for friends and family, memories can be made and shared whilst travelling and seeing the world. Extensive pool and deck spaces and an expansive array of tenders and toys means that there is enough space for everyone to enjoy the exploration and experience luxury together.

The amenities onboard SEE are nothing short of spectacular and are indicative of the casual luxury that SEE encompasses. Exercise, meditate or practice a daily yoga flow beside the waves of the ocean. Relax in the fully equipped spa facilities including sauna and jacuzzi or plunge into a choice of two infinity pools. Enjoy the large outdoor spaces with a pool lounge, extensive beach club and alfresco dining options. Indulge in an evening of cinema with the 3D outdoor cinema screen. 

More casual than the conventional superyacht, the architectural innovation through the interior of the vessel enables the space to unfold into an open and welcoming environment. There is no formal dining space onboard, instead SEE opts for a more casual dining atmosphere. In fact food is a huge part of the holistic lifestyle on board. There is a plethora of food experiences to choose from: Alfresco dining, cooking classes, ‘farm to table’ utilizing the hydroponic tanks on the pool and tank deck, a fermentation chamber, a mushroom lab, the sushi counter offering the catch of the day, a juice, coffee and dessert bar with healthy grab and go meals, dining experiences showcasing locally sourced tasting menus, and an outdoor BBQ and cocktail bar or a deli and raw food counter.

Interested parties should contact Lateral Naval Architects or Gill Schmid Design directly. 

By Freya Cottrell
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