Global Heads to ICON Ahead Of Caribbean Winter

By Ben Roberts

Beautifully drawn, huge interior volumes and flawless construction, Global has headed to ICON for a complete update before returning to the Caribbean cruising grounds this winter.

Formerly known as Kismet, Global was built in 2007 by the revered Northern European shipyard Lurssen Yachts. After taking six days to journey from Ibiza to Harlingen, Kismet is now due to join the long list of refits scheduled at ICON for a hull service, exterior paint repair and engineering and interior detailing work.

"We managed to complete a lot of work which normally would take about 6 weeks," explains Project Manager, Frank Mens, "we did it in 3 weeks during the dry dock period. We worked weekends and double shifts to make sure we deliver on time."

Captain of MY Global added "We were very well welcomed by the entire team at ICON, the refit process so far has been very smooth. Anytime there was an issue the staff were always available and all problems that arises have been resolved, we are very happy with the service and team".

Owner's Representative, Carolyn Clark stated "The ICON team are a pleasure to work with, always willing to assist in any way possible".

We spoke to ICON Yachts recently to discuss the ongoing success behind refits, the rise of conversion and the established market demand of exploration.

For more information on the refit market and new and exciting opportunities available to owners today, click here to read more.

By Ben Roberts
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