Greenline Yacht Interiors Discuss the RFF Porsche Fleet

By B. Roberts

We spoke to Greenline Yacht Interiors during the Monaco Yacht Show in order to gain an insight into their work ethics and talk about their new projects.

Based in Dubai, Greenline Yacht Interiors are the foremost experts in interior outfitting, starting with palaces in the Middle East and moving into the luxury yacht market. Employing talent from around the world, the Greenline work ethic places them at the top of bespoke luxury interiors, reflecting their style in their stunning offices and factories.

Earlier this year, Greenline unveiled plans to collaborate with Royal Falcon Fleet and the Porsche Design Studio, working to create a fleet of sleek and sporty Porsche yachts. These 41m Catamarans are a reflection of the Porsche experience on the water, featuring high-quality interiors and state-of-the-art engineering. Greenline are currently working on the first two yachts in the series, with a long line still to come.

Greenline also revealed that they have signed a contract with a New Zealand based luxury jet interior company, moving from high-end residences, to luxury yachting and now to the private jet industry. Greenline cover the whole spectrum of the high-net-worth lifestyle, offering flawless quality throughout every project.

By B. Roberts