H. Krueger & Associates: Half a Century of Outstanding Design

By Jenna Mehdi

In 2019 we dedicated considerable energy to the discussion of superyacht design; an immensely dynamic field in which designers and architects must constantly strive to predict, realise and surpass their clients’ desires before they have even been conceived. As we reflect on this discussion in the new year, we spoke with Andrew Krueger, President of H. Krueger & Associates - an established US-based interior design firm boasting an enviously wide portfolio, who have now momentously finalised their 50th year of successfully realising their clients’ every vision.

H. Krueger & Associates, whose portfolio demonstrates a refined accomplishment in a multiplicity of design challenges – from smaller, bespoke projects to high-capacity research and learning facilities – are now turning their hands increasingly to the intricacies of yacht design, bringing with them the same flair for creativity and aesthetic with which they have graced their past projects.   

By way of introduction, we began by asking Andrew to introduce the company, shedding light on the foundations of 50 years of success in design. “My father started the business in 1969,” he explained. “We’ve done a lot of residential, commercial, hospitality and everything in between. But we always wanted to get into doing yachts.”
I have a background in restoring small classic wooden boats,” Andrew went on to explain. “My father always approached it as a design problem is a design problem, if you have the creativity you can do any interior. That’s how we started reaching out to the yachting world.”

Going on to discuss the prosperous year that 2019 was for H. Krueger & Associates, Andrew shed some light on one of his most recent yacht jobs – adding that no job is too big or small for the firm. “This one is a fairly small refit job – the gentleman just acquired the yacht, he wants to use it mostly with his family, so he just wants it to be updated. He wants it to be clean, elegant and nice.”

Touching on the ambiguity of the term ‘nice’, we asked Andrew how much guidance his clients generally give him when it comes to realising their creative vision.
We like to ask questions to see whether they have specific likes and dislikes, but at the same time we love it when a client gives us a little bit of creative leeway where we can come up with some ideas, throw them out there and see how they feel about them.
Our most recent client for example just gave us a pretty broad stroke, and then he said ‘I want to see what you guys come up with’ – and that’s awesome, because that’s what we love to do.”

We were also interested to know what Andrew made of recent trends in the yachting industry, and how they align with H. Krueger & Associates’ signature style.
Lighting is always a big thing, and I think people are paying more attention to it. With LEDs becoming more popular, you can do some really amazing and interesting lighting effects. That always adds to a more interesting interior.
And I’m hoping that things are becoming more sophisticated - I think there has been a propensity for yacht design to be a little too over the top. I’m hoping things will get dialled back a little bit - you can have really elegant design, where you don’t have to go overboard and cover everything in gold

As mentioned previously, H. Krueger and Associates’ wide portfolio is far from limited to the realm of yachts – spanning everything from residential homes to custom furniture – but there is no doubt that this firm has more than enough experience in the specificities of superyacht design.

When it comes to overcoming these very particular challenges, Andrew advised, “Generally it takes a lot of research – we have to make sure the materials we think about using and end up specifying are suitable for the environment. Sometimes the prettiest stuff isn’t necessarily the best when it comes to what will hold up.”
Finally, as we look to the year ahead, Andrew is extremely positive for what 2020 has in store for this design house. “It’s always fun to get new jobs, big or small - it invigorates us.”

We would like to wish H. Krueger and Associates the best of luck for this year, for what we are sure will be a yet more prosperous 2020!

"My father always approached it as a design problem is a design problem, if you have the creativity you can do any interior."

Andrew Krueger, President H. Krueger & Associates


"My father always approached it as a design problem is a design problem, if you have the creativity you can do any interior."

Andrew Krueger, President H. Krueger & Associates
By Jenna Mehdi
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