Hainan Visun Rendez-Vous: China’s Biggest Luxury Showcase

By Ben Roberts

With VIPs, ultra-high-net worths and the world’s leading luxury brands set to travel to Sanya, the Hainan Visun Rendez-Vous is preparing to host it’s opening ceremony next month and usher in a new dawn for the Chinese luxury community.

A legion of brands with global stature are already lined up to make the most of China’s animated high net worth population, boasting the biggest luxury exhibition China has ever seen before.

Superyacht builders such as Feadship, Heesen, Royal Huisman, Amels and Oceanco will be representing Dutch quality, Lurssen Yachts will also be in attendance while Italian brands such as Azimut-Benetti, Fincantieri, Ferretti and Admiral Tecnomar will be representing the ‘made in Italy’ style to a wealth of qualified buyers.

“Only in its fifth year of operation, the Hainan Rendez Vous, comprising a yacht show, business jet exhibition and lifestyle showcase, has brought thousands of China's top earners to Sanya's picturesque shores.” Explains Michele Flandin of Oceanco. “This show attracts more yachts than any other boat show in Asia, and Oceanco is pleased to announce its renewed presence.”

“This unique luxury event is touted as the key networking platform for China’s leaders and international counterparts. As such, Hainan provides Oceanco the perfect opportunity to meet high-end Chinese clients. The Rendez-Vous’s reputation has been growing in China and overseas, garnering sponsorship of the world’s leading luxury brands with great success.”

While a comprehensive list of yachts attending the show is yet to emerge, visitors not only have the choice of roaming a display of stunning private vessels, but encounter the private jet lifestyle and discover a wealth of high-end luxury brands.

"Using this annual event as the cornerstone,” explains HNRV Founder and Visun Group Chairman Wang Dafu, “China Rendez-Vous' mission is to lead the high-quality lifestyle and redefine the high-end lifestyle in China."

Since it’s inception, the scale of the Hainan Visun Rendez-Vous has expanded from the original 1,000m2 to the current 4,000m2. Not only has the size of the exhibit grown by 1,000m2 every year over four years, but visitor numbers have exploded from the original 5,000 to 2013s record 23,000.

This ever-expanding luxury showcase acts as the perfect platform for motor, sailing and superyacht builders, brokers, private jet companies, world renowned automotive engineers and myriad high-end luxury brands to further their presence in the region, network with influential members of the nation’s elite, host forums and ultimately illustrate the exclusive lifestyle of China’s modern high-net-worth.

The 5th Hainan Rendez-Vous will be held at the Sanya Visun Royal Yacht Club from March 27th - March 30th 2014.

By Ben Roberts