Harnessing Nature On Board Superyacht Elfje

By Ben Roberts

The NextGen Ketch Elfje is a stunning sailing yacht which marries classic lines and aesthetics with high-tech systems and performance. We take a closer a look at exactly what makes this fantastic 2014 sailing yacht a unique work of art through stunning new images provided by Royal Huisman.

Revered sailing design studio Hoek Design are responsible for her exterior lines and interior layout, which perfectly match the Royal Huisman construction ethic - essentially creating a pedigree yacht of untold ability under sail.

According to a release from the yard, the design brief called for a luxury yacht finessed to deliver across all criteria and remain cutting-edge well into the future. While most yachts are considered ‘timeless’, this yacht is billed by the yard as NextGen and perfectly highlights her owner’s focus on forwarding innovation in regards to sustainability and energy efficiency.

This sailing yacht can travel to any location in the world in comfort, stability and sustainable conditions, from tropical cruising grounds to the higher latitudes as far afield as Antarctica and the Arctic - the sight of which would stir the emotions of any true sailor.

Aside from the clear requirement for the absolute best, “there was a strong emphasis on performance” explains a statement from the yard. “Not just for the enjoyment of swift passage-making, but also because the owner intended to race Elfje.”

Because of this, the latest in hydraulic sail systems have been installed to ensure fast and efficient handling, as well as appropriate systems to make sure the whole spectrum of hydraulic systems can cope with the demanding conditions of the modern superyacht regatta.

Elfje is a result of her owner’s focus on classic beauty, efficiency, simplicity and strength under sail, and this 56 metre ketch is undoubtedly a successful vision realised in the eyes of all involved.

By Ben Roberts