Heavy Support for Malta Superyacht Industry Seminar

By B. Roberts

This Friday’s Superyacht Industry Seminar in Malta has seen an extremely positive response from local and international superyacht societies after attracting an encouraging number of reservations.

Titled “Yachting in Malta: the Way Forward”, this year’s event focuses on how Malta is meeting demands to become an internationally recognised centre for superyacht expertise.

The Superyacht Industry Seminar has been organised by Wilfred Sultana, publisher of ‘Yachting in Malta’, a publication which works toward bringing more attention to the luxury yachting industry of Malta. “This is really encouraging, naturally we expected local stakeholders and we certainly have not been disappointed,” explains Wilfred. “But, as importantly, there has been a great response from outside Malta including international journalists who are taking this very seriously.”

Chaired by John A. Huber, President of the Malta Business Bureau and Board Member of Management of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, Friday’s morning seminar will welcome Captains of superyachts currently based in Malta alongside a wealth of superyacht journalists.

Bransom Bean, Member of the ISS board commented, “The International Superyacht Society (ISS) sees this as a very important event not only for Malta but also for the superyacht industry in general, we are very honoured to be able to support it.”

Discussions will be opened by Dr. Austin Gatt, Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Communications and followed by local speakers including Michel Ganado, Business Advisor PwC, Dr. Ann Fenech, Vice Chairperson of Yachting Services Business Section, Roland Darmanin Kissuan, an influential yachting entrepreneur and Gino Cutajar, President of Superyacht Industry Network Malta.

Bransom Bean will also be delivering speeches at the event alongside Captain Clive Carrington-Wood, Captain of superyacht Metsuyan IV, and Wilfred Sultana himself.

By B. Roberts