Heesen's Alive Tests Revolutionary New Hull Vane

By Ben Roberts

Heesen Yachts today confirmed that the recently delivered motor yacht Alive has completed sea trials in open waters to an exemplary standard, exceeding contractual speeds by 0.5 knots thanks to the first ever installment of a unique new technology: the Hull Vane.

Equipped with an innovative Hull Vane, this remarkable superyacht (Hull No. 17042) is leading the way in advanced yacht construction thanks to the unique technology provided by Heesen Yachts. The Hull Vane is an underwater foil that harnesses waves to produce power; this in combination with the Fast Displacement Hull Form and conventional diesel engines produces remarkable results.

Alive is 35 per cent more efficient than any other yacht of her size and 35 per cent less power is needed to produce almost 16 knots top speed in flat sea conditions.

In seas with 1-2 metre waves, rather than hindering her performance, the yacht’s Hull Vane technology converts the movement and generates 20 per cent more thrust and comfort is improved as the pitching is reduced by 40 per cent. Like an aircraft, as the yacht moves through water, the wing produces lift. This patented Hull Vane technology converts this movement into thrust.

Upon her launch, Perry van Oossanen commented: “We are delighted and proud to see that the first luxury vessel equipped with Hull Vane is ready to sail the oceans. Heesen Yachts is proving once again to be a shipyard that dares to innovate by investing in smart technology.”

The captain also commented on the launch of Alive: “She is a wonderful vessel that combines the latest achievements in the world of technology and design. For three years we have worked closely with the team at the shipyard to build a vessel that is truly personal and created to meet the highest standards of lifestyle at sea.”

During the tests, the contractual fuel consumption prediction proved to be correct: 4000nm at 12 knots. Over 750 miles come free of charge thanks to her remarkably frugal fuel consumption, that is 30 per cent less than on a conventional displacement yacht.

This is an important achievement and statement for this Dutch shipyard, as Alive is the first luxury vessel equipped with Hull Vane. Now delivered and set for an exciting career on the water, Heesen Yachts have proven their expertise with a revolutionary new innovation which is now successfully tested.

By Ben Roberts
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