High Spirits On Board Arianna at the Miami Yacht & Brokerage Show

By Ben Roberts

The opening night of the Miami Yacht & Brokerage Show saw the launch of a new light vodka on board the stunning Delta-built motor yacht Arianna - the largest 50 metre boat ever built.

Guests and high net worths from across the show arrived on board the yacht last night to round off the first day of the Miami yacht and brokerage show and start the rest of the show in style.

Hosted by SG and Merle Wood, we were treated to a tour around the unbelievably spacious and beautifully styled yacht before being lead to the sundeck to try the new Voli Light Vodka being launched by artist Pitbull.

Featuring prominently in a Fiat advert with the aforementioned singer and actor Charlie Sheen, Arianna is a yacht with style to suit any luxurious occasion.

Her beam, measuring 10 metres, is a lot larger than other yachts in the 50m range and creates not only a large volume but a great sense of space throughout.

By Ben Roberts