History Supreme: The £3 Billion Gold Plated Yacht

By Ben Roberts

Intriguing reports have emerged regarding the world’s most expensive superyacht today. Worth almost ten times more than Eclipse, the largest yacht in the world, the 30.48m Gold plated superyacht, History Supreme, has now apparently hit the water.

History Supreme has been a well kept secret in the Superyacht Industry, which is understandable as the yacht itself is reportedly worth over £3 billion. Containing around 100,000kg of gold and platinum, History Supreme was designed by Stuart Hughes, the world renowned luxury designer, and took just over three years to complete.

Her hull and exterior design are both wrapped in the most sought after precious metals on the planet, coating elements of the deck, dining area, rails and even the anchor.

History Supreme also holds one of the most unique interior features to ever grace a yacht; a wall feature which is made from meteor stone and Tyrannosaurus Rex bone.

However, we feel it is highly unlikely that a superyacht adorned to this level will ever actually grace the waters, and if the reports are in fact true, it would be far better suited to a museum exhibit than a life on the ocean.

By Ben Roberts