HMY on the Unflinching Nature of Demand in America

By Ben Roberts

With 45 brokerage yachts on the docks of Fort Lauderdale, HMY is working harder than ever before to reach the ultimate goal of 500 yachts sold in one year. With 475 sold in 2016 so far, they may not have further to go

“The American market at the end of this year has been very strong," explains Rob Bowman, Marketing Director of HMY. "We are seeing a lot of customers that are wealthy customers coming in and buying larger boats than we are used to seeing.

The demand in the US market has been very strong, we’re seeing a lot of flybridge boats sell, a lot of flybridge yachts sell, new and pre-owned, so we feel very good about going into 2017.”

Reading behavioural patterns in consumer activity is important to predict where to best place your inventory, and with such a large fleet at the Fort Lauderdale show and a keen eye on exactly what’s selling, HMY’s fleet is anything but unvaried.

However, with a new President now elected and a huge shift in global markets in a record space of time, we spoke to Rob Bowman about the affect the elections could have on the demand behind the high-levels of activity.

 “I don’t think the demand is in jeopardy at all," adds Rob, "I feel like the demand this year has been strong and, even though that you might consider a lot of the American public being quite jaded in this election, we haven’t seen it affect our business.

I think the reason that is, is that our clients are boaters and boaters are going to enjoy their boats, it’s their preferred method of recreation and spending time with their family, regardless of who’s in office. A lot of our clients are wealthy businessmen and women who work very hard and very long hours, and when it comes to spending time with their friends and family what better place to do it than on a yacht."

Watch the full interview with Rob Bowman of HMY Yachts above to learn more about the principles of HMY and the ongoing success behind the brokerage fleet.

By Ben Roberts