'Home' Delivery Knocks for New Owner of Heesen Classic

By Christina Tsangaris

The delivery of the first Fast Displacement motor yacht by Heesen equipped with hybrid propulsion offers owners an ocean 'home' with a difference. Proudly announced on 1 July 2017, this long awaited 49.80-metre spectacle has arrived featuring a new hybrid technology for silent cruising, revolutionizing the world of seamless travel.

M/Y Home, formerly Project NOVA, had the world in awe. Its expansive 49.80-metre motor yacht – underwent intensive sea trials in the North Sea for five days in calm sea conditions, with waves of up to 0.5m and light breeze. Its futuristic design, striking silhouette and sharp bold structure makes the perfect ocean home for a new owner. 

Not only has M/Y Home easily exceeded her contractual maximum speed of 16.3 knots in the traditional diesel engine mode, but also expectations in her hybrid ‘silent cruising mode’. Thanks to two 127kW water-cooled DC electric shaft motors, she exceeded the predicted speed of 9 knots with noise and vibration levels well below the specification levels. This all adds to the seamless experience of a new Heesen Classic, one that operates in every way to offer a fluid and enjoyable journey on the water, 

M/Y Home is not only ultra-quiet, discreet for a euphoric glide on the azure, she is also extremely fuel efficient. At 12 knots, she has a fuel consumption of 98 litres per hour (excluding generators) and at 10 knots in hybrid mode this further reduces to a staggering 45 litres per hour, which for a 50m yacht, displacing 295 tons and with a Gross Tonnage of 499, is an outstanding achievement. 

Heesen is renowned for its meticulous attention to weight reduction and M/Y Home is an effortless embodiment of this; being lighter than predicted, she is the perfect demonstration of Heesen’s signature capabilities. These capabilities continue to outdo the accomplishments of the shipyard, making M/Y Home's exciting début in Monaco Yacht Show 2017 one to be looked out for. 

M/Y Home will début at the Monaco Yacht Show from September 27 to 30, 2017.

By Christina Tsangaris
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