Horizon Hosts Highly Successful Open House in Taiwan

By Ben Roberts

The Horizon Group has proudly announced the sale of four new build Horizon yachts - RP120, E62 extended to 66, PC58 and E54 - all signed at the recent Horizon Open House event at the shipyard in Kaohsiung, Taiwan which took place on June 26th - June 29th.

The Open House event was held to celebrate 25 years of luxury yacht manufacturing as well as the launch of the new EP148 Horizon Polaris, which is the largest Asian-built, Ice Class private yacht to date.

The new EP148 Ice class explorer yacht held centre stage and was surrounded by the E54, E84, E88, CC80, PC58, P110 and the RP120, each showcasing Horizon's quality, flexibility and commitment to defining the details in yacht building.

By Ben Roberts
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