How to Spend: 48 Unforgettable Hours in Rhodes

By Jenna Mehdi

For the ultimate Mediterranean charter, the Dodecanese island of Rhodes is a must-see destination. From a rich local history steeped in Greek culture and tradition to a vibrant island nightlife, there is no shortage of unforgettable things to do and see in Rhodes. For the short-stay traveler looking to soak up as much of Rhodes’ unique culture as possible in 48-hours, we give you our dream island itinerary…

Day One


For travelers heading to Rhodes via superyacht, Rhodes Port at the northeastern tip of the island is the place to berth. Divided into four sections, three of which accommodate yachts, here you will find berthing for yachts up to 70 metres in length in Mandraki-Kolona Marina. Set against the otherworldly backdrop of the Old Town castle walls, Mandraki, Kolona and Tourist Port are all full service marinas providing water, electricity and fuel.  

Soak up the Views

We start our whirlwind tour of Rhodes with the best way of taking in the sights - by viewing them. Rhodes is widely renowned for its breathtaking views, defined by stretches of mountains, glittering shore and studded with ancient, crumbling ruins. From the northern end of the port of Mandraki, enjoy sweeping views of the city of Rhodes. The historically-intrigued traveler will be interested to learn that here once stood the famous Colossus of Rhodes, one of the seven wonders of the world. 

Explore the Medieval City

Walking on the waterfront and following the route from the three medieval windmills, the gate of Agios Pavlos and Kolona, ​​you reach the Freedom Gate, at the main entrance of the Medieval City. One of the most beautiful medieval cities in the Mediterranean, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1988, with thousands of visitors admiring the Grand Master Palace, the Archaeological Museum and various other monuments that capture its storied history. The walk to the top of the walls is the best way to enjoy the fortification of the medieval city but also to admire an exquisite panoramic view. This Medieval City pulsates with life all day, with its local and international restaurants, cafes and boutiques.

Indulge at the Market

What better way to soak up the local culture than indulging in a spot of retail therapy at the market? Rhodes, with its impressive architecture and thriving local businesses, is known for its colourful markets selling everything from local souvenirs to traditional goods and freshly-picked fruit. There are over 5000 market stalls spread across Old and New Town on market days, as well as a host of local taverns, cafes and boutiques. 

Stop for a Drink

With so much to discover in this sun-soaked island, it won’t be long before you need to break for a drink. Grab a glass of ouzo - a native anise-flavoured aperitif - or a cool cocktail as you watch the sun go down over the Aegean sea. 

Dinner with the Locals 

For evenings away from the yacht deck, Rhodes’ thriving culinary scene is one of its biggest - and most flavourful - attractions. Grab a freshly prepared meal in the picture-perfect courtyards of the Medieval City. Food is a huge part of the local culture, so don’t miss out on the chance to try some local delicacies, such as risotto with squid or kapama (meat stuffed with rice and thyme, traditionally cooked in a clay pot). 

Day Two

Traditional Breakfast in Old Town

Continue on the theme of local cuisine with a traditional breakfast to kickstart your second day in Rhodes. There is no shortage of local bakeries and cafes in Rhodes’ Old Town; for a truly authentic feel, pick a palace with an ancient wood oven and a bountiful choice of baklava and traditional pies. 

Head Out of the City

Head out of the city to take in the rest of the island of Rhodes. There is no time to waste, so we recommend hiring a car or taking a private taxi to get around the many sights and attractions. Start with nearby Monte Smith, named after a British admiral, Sir William Smith, who used it as a lookout during the Napoleonic Wars. You can also wander around the Ancient Stadium of Rhodes, the amphitheater and the temple of Apollo.

Cool Down in the Thermal Springs

Take a quick trip to Kallithea Springs, just 9km from the city of Rhodes. Here you will find crystal-clear water, whitewashed architecture and a picturesque bay. Grab a coffee or bite to eat at one of the cafes and restaurants, and enjoy the artwork - telling the storied history of the island’s best-kept secret dating back to 1928. 

Discover Lindos Village

Of course, no trip to Rhodes is complete without taking in the world-renowned Lindos Village and the Acropolis. Here, chalky white buildings set at the foot of the renowned historical landmark make for unforgettable visuals. This charming village is alive with a rich history and naval tradition, with plenty of sights to see including the temple of Lindia Athena built in the 4th century BC, the headquarters of the Knights, the church of Agios Ioannis and the port of Agios Pavlos.

Walk in the Valley of the Butterflies

Head inland now, where after a picturesque northwestern drive you will come across the Valley of the Butterflies. This 600-acre nature park, complete with walking trails and viewing points, comes alive with millions of butterflies between July and September. Find creeks, small waterfalls and lagoons as you immerse yourself in one of Rhodes’ most celebrated nature spots, or learn more about the species at the Natural History Museum of Rhodes, just at the entrance to the valley. 

Dinner with Tradition

Continuing on the theme of the day, stay outside in the open and dine on the beach overlooking the Aegean sea. There are over 40 beaches on the island of Rhodes, from small coves to more popular sands, so you will never be stuck for choice. Freshly prepared seafood including crayfish, oysters, tempura and octopus are popular everywhere on the island; pick the seafood meze for the best of all worlds.

For more information on this superyacht hub waiting to be explored, head to the Rhodes luxury yachting guide.

"A luxurious vacation spot that offers you whatever you wish…"

Municipality of Rhodes


"A luxurious vacation spot that offers you whatever you wish…"

Municipality of Rhodes
By Jenna Mehdi