Huisfit Secures Over 300m of Refit Projects in 2 Years

By Ben Roberts

When Royal Huisman placed its Huisfit service centre stage in 2011, the aim was made clear. Huisfit would offer: “The perfect way to renovate, restore or maintain a fine yacht (Huisman build or otherwise) to the finest standards. Or to go a step further and enhance the yacht’s technical or lifestyle features as only the Huisman team know how.”

The attraction of that proposition (and the leading edge customer support and service that go with it) has been made clear by the award of some highly impressive refit projects such as the 90m / 305ft schooner Eos, the 40m / 132ft motor yacht Be Mine and, most recently, the 70.7m / 231ft motor yacht Skat. In total, the projects undertaken or secured during the past 12 months amount to a 322.5m (1055ft) in combined length overall.

The 70.7m (232ft) Lürssen motor yacht Skat is in Harlingen where Huisfit is undertaking a range of refit work under covered dry dock including; alterations and renovations to tender bay garage, new exterior furniture for main and bridge decks, changes to Jacuzzi deck, a variety of system works and general works. The 23.8m (78ft) Truly Classic sloop Heartbeat arrived in Vollenhove for painting varnishing and upgrades of the electrical & board systems.

The full 2011-2012 order list covers 70.7m Lürssen motor yacht Skat, 23.8m Truly Classic sloop Heartbeat, 90m three-masted Lürssen schooner Eos, 40m Lürssen motor yacht Be Mine, 21m classic motor yacht Nixe II, 36m Royal Huisman motor yacht Arcadia and 41m Royal Huisman ketch William Tai.

By Ben Roberts