Hurghada Marina Introduces Africa-Europe Challenge

By Ben Roberts

The Africa-Europe Challenge (AEC) project is a new large-scale yachting event introduced by the Hurghada Marina in Egypt in order to enhance both cultural and philanthropic goals of the luxury marina’s expert committee and strengthen co-operation between Europe and Africa.

The yacht race event series – which runs for a period of one year – will create a torrent of publicity and provide the people of Europe and Africa with the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of each others cultures.

Every coastal African country can host a station of the yacht race. This is a great opportunity for the states to communicate a message through public channels to the European public and the world. They can present the beauties and natural wonders of their country alongside discussing problems that need to be resolved.

The main aim of the Hurghada Marina committee is to create a new long-term event series with significant impact on the relation of Africa and Europe. The comprehensive programme offers opportunities to build carious relationships, build on the peaceful potential of the sport and the build intercontinental connections in the fields of culture, economy and education.

Working with the ‘Future Without Distance’ student programme, Hurghada Marina has also introduced a tour for Tall Ship Astrid. Built in 1918 in the Netherlands as a cargo ship, this beautiful vessel has been renovated and reintroduced to the luxury yachting community and has started her circumnavigation of Africa to promote the Africa-Europe Challenge.

By Ben Roberts