Igor Lobanov On A New Level Of Convention In Design

By Ben Roberts

Starting a project by forgetting everything you know is a bold way to approach luxury yacht design, however it only takes one person to step outside of the box to influence widespread change.

Igor Lobanov has certainly proven his ability to operate outside of boundaries after unveiling his latest projects, we caught up with the designer to find out more about his style and future projects.

Igor Lobanov’s STAR concept was initially picked up by the global media and took on a life of its own. “I tried to design imaging I’ve never seen any yacht, still bound by rules and regulations but not bound by common understanding of what a yacht should look like.”

His joint collaboration with Nobiskrug is an exciting prospect, with yachts like his Phoenicia concept hinting at bigger and better things coming in the future.

Watch the full interview with Igor above to learn more about his process as well as his connection to revolutionary yacht builder Nobiskrug.

By Ben Roberts
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