Informa Yacht Group Talks About the 20th Year of the Monaco Yacht Show

By B. Roberts

This week, the beautiful setting of Port Hercules will play host to the 20th edition of the Monaco Yacht Show, the most highly-anticipated superyacht event of the year. We interviewed Peter Rigby, CEO of Informa, and the events organiser.

Standing as the most impressive international yacht show of the year, Informa have worked for twenty years to mould the Monaco Yacht Show into an icon of stability in the superyacht industry.

CEO of Informa Peter Rigby commented on how the company made the show what it is today “Like many things it started off as very small yacht show 20 years ago and over a period of time its built up to the show that it is today and I think part of its success is Monaco itself”.

As the 20th Edition of the Monaco Yacht Show takes place, some of the most remarkable superyachts such as Nero, RoMa and Cloud 9 are being showcased at Port Hercules alongside a long list of industry renowned exhibitors.

The Monaco Yacht Show serves as the ultimate place for brokers, shipyards, designers and exhibitors from across the globe to arrange meetings and culminate projects for the coming years.

The Informa Yacht Group control of a wide array of superyacht events across the world, from the Abu Dhabi Yacht Show, Asian Superyacht Conference, and races such as the Superyacht Cup in Palma and the Antigua Superyacht Cup.

By B. Roberts