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Interior Insight: A World of Contrasts Onboard O'Mega

By Anna Solomon

82.62m O’Mega is a yacht of contrasts. Her interior, curated by Giorgio Vafiadis, manages to simultaneously capture an ambience of traditionalism and modernism. For this week’s interior insight, we take a closer look at the pleasing contradiction of her indoor spaces…

O’Mega’s interior is characterised by futuristic shapes and high gloss surfaces, pitted against a classic backdrop of wood wall panelling in a manner that is simultaneously disarming and effective.

Her living space resembles a cluster of bubble-esque armchairs in glamorous white leather. These are confined to the centre of the room, however - with dark wood panelling encasing this expanse of fluid alabaster shapes. Metallic ornaments and recessed lighting reasserts the contemporary, as the two opposing ambiences jostle for prominence.

Meanwhile, the dining area again designates O’Mega as a yacht that eschews convention. Rather than having a central, rectangular dining table, there are numerous, circular tables cast in caramel-toned wood, buffered until resplendent and served by upholstered chairs. The composition of this opulent dining space makes it ideal for events and functions.

A main stateroom continues to lean heavily on  panelling of dark, red-tinged wood - a luxurious picture completed by a white padded headboard and complemented by splashes of colour. Bed linen is cornflower blue, nodding to the nautical theme introduced in a facing portrait of the yacht. Secondary staterooms, meanwhile, emanate a soothing ambience, beige colour schemes, plush quilts and low lighting.

O’Mega’s interiors are unashamedly traditional and contemporary. Giorgio Vafiadis is unapologetic in his implementation of both styles, achieving a savvy contrast that strikes the perfect balance.

By Anna Solomon
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