Interior Insight: Accented Simplicity on Joy

By Rose-Hannah Lishman

When Feadship brought 70M Joy to the water, she came with high expectation. Living up to the yard’s standards in silhouette and style, her exterior lines commanded attention and the industry tilted their heads in awe. Slightly more understated but just as clever, Joy's interior story by Studio Indigo makes her one of the most charter-worthy yachts on the market today. We take a closer look.

At 70M, Joy has little limitation when it comes to her interior arrangement. Dramatic spaces make way for a basketball court, an al-fresco disco, enough wellness facilities to turn a week’s holiday into a retreat, and the air-conditioned winter gardens you didn’t even know you needed.  

Sleeping 12 guests and with room for 19 crew, her suites and cabins are spacious, yet are enhanced further through the designers’ clever use of colour, texture and pattern.

Unlike her carefully-carved exterior, Joy’s interior is subtle for an easy-on-the-eye effect following a day at sea. Her palette flushes with pastel hues in lilac and rose, while delicate whites form the basis for most of the guest accommodation.

Accents to the simplicity come from a considered use of soft furnishings. Plushy embroidered cushions line each and every relaxation area, inviting guests to indulge, while hints of mosaic can be found on harder surfaces to add a touch of flair. However, it’s elsewhere that Joy’s personality comes to life. Clearly crafted to entertain, the social spaces are vivid and vibrant; providing an antithesis to where guests sleep.

In the dining room, wooden carvings contour the walls into a formal space, while in the main saloon takes art-deco influence (dark woods, angular furniture and plenty of marble) and seamlessly blends it with a tribal-feel.

Earthy greys mix with regal metallics to create just the right amount of opulence without being flash. It’s tasteful yet comfortable, glamorous but inviting; the ultimate place to spend an evening sipping martinis feasting on canapés before retiring to the plush suites below.

Available to charter this season with Burgess, Joy has harmonized interior versus exterior making her the perfect match for this summer in the Med.

By Rose-Hannah Lishman
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