Interior Insight: Ace the Ocean with Winch Design

By Christina Tsangaris

Resting on London’s river in the picturesque SW14 district, there is no doubt that inspiration is plentiful at the critically acclaimed Winch Design office, headed by Andrew Winch, Founder and creative force behind the vibrant British brand. With a globally demanding portfolio, across both yachting and residential design, we take a glimpse into the interior of superyacht Ace, a staple Winch classic that transcends 85-metres to become more than just a winning entrance.

Ace: synonymous as a lexis with earning a world-class ranking, a luck of the draw, a winning hand. Yet, behind her title alone, she is the work of innovation from the design boards of Winch Design, quite literally from the inside out. Her exterior is sharp but delicate, the true oxymoronic character of being both imposing, yet elegantly proportioned. So much so, her size is less of an intimidation than one would assume for an 87-metre Top 100 member.  With every bit of her Lurssen DNA evident; her Winch magic in her interior speaks volumes beyond just volume alone.

This sentiment of ‘world-class’ continues into her interior. With a bustlingly busy ode to the ocean, royal blues and plush purples merge with regal silhouettes, all at the mercy of lashings of gold that play host to luxe textural splendour. Yet the musings and fusions don’t end there; leopard print upholstery and floral drapings in the tea room are just one example of an injection of warmth, contrasting boldly without a feeling of extraneous  accidentalism.

This sense of homeliness sets a stage for an owner whose life at sea should emulate a space to reside and retire when your appetite for adventure is replete. With a colour-palette that breaks the rules; non-conforming in places and entirely conforming in others, she offers a worldly influence. From  à la mode city glamour to her Grecian inspired structures and pillars to match; her recipe to magnificence is her willingness to dare, fighting against stark minimalism with a striking melting pot of palettes. ‘Less-is-more’ here may have been consciously ignored, but a new brief resolves the notion of traditionalism as rigid, offering a playful balance between the classic and the contemporary, that is refreshingly timeless.

Ace’s suites, styled with a resonance of Winch at every corner, compliments in pairs. Take it’s sea navy and sparkling whites, plush creams and clotted caramels; splashes of colour dot throughout. All 10 guests are greeted  here to the homely comforts one could only desire after a day at play, where tranquility is in full affect. From your very first landing by helicopter, to the sundrenched beach club, saunas and hammam, (not to forget colossal Roman-style Jacuzzi) her plush interiors are a true testament to the visionary approach by the designers, breathing life, and meaning, to the name Ace itself.

By Christina Tsangaris
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