Interior Insight: Modern Glamour on M/Y Graceful

By Christina Tsangaris

Launched in 2013, M/Y Graceful sets the stage for an expansive and exceptional home on the water. With 82m as her ocean canvas, it is no surprise the experts at H2 Yacht Design took reign on such a mighty interior conquest, with each and every corner paying homage to her name; with the classic sensibility deserving for a Top 100 member.

Across 6 suites, 14 guests are invited to call this spectacle member home, and her interior stylings creates just the mood for such relaxation and replenishment. Proving modern minimalism needn’t be boring, her soft tranquility sets this space apart. Bold silhouettes, statement furnishings and structured light fixtures make up her stylish space, resonating a penthouse city feel far from the world of the ocean.

The oeuvre of this Blohm & Voss build has a H2 Yacht Design interior that executes masterly proportions that feel balanced and spacious without an overwhelming sense of sparseness. Drapings of velvet, silk and soft oaks marry together to add to a feeling of warmth, where textures and tapestries merge to create a luxurious haven on the water. Her soft golden colour palette where metallics merge with plush creams make her glamorously timeless, as well as a neutrality that remains modern, bright and airy at each corner.

This soft and subtle infusion of material is a theme that runs throughout each suite, offering a seamless continuity that blends each dimension perfectly while remaining utterly one body of work. Whether this was conscious or accidental by the designers, there is no doubt Graceful is made to enjoy life as much inside as out.

Confirmed by the Shipyard during the time of her launch, Patrick Coote of Blohm & Voss shared; “Whereas most yachts are designed for enjoying the sun, beach clubs and being on the water, this is more about living inside the boat” supporting the carefully thought out use of space. This notion is confirmed by her indoor swimming pool at 15-metres. Likewise, her raising floor that swiftly becomes a dancefloor by night adds to her plethora of innovations, designed of course, with grace in mind. 

By Christina Tsangaris
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