Interior Insight: The Aptly Named Excellence V

By Anna Solomon

Currently for sale with Burgess, Excellence V is an impressive Abeking and Rasmussen build that encapsulates the meaning of Northern European yacht building. We take a look at her stunning Reymond Langton-curated interior…

The award winning team at Reymond Langton Design have achieved sweeping exterior lines that complement the vastness of a striking interior.

Excellence V’s on deck setting is understated, with dark wood decking and classic outdoor furniture in blue, red and a neutralising charcoal. A glass-sided jacuzzi doubles as the front of a bar, establishing Excellence V as a luxurious vessel with a playful edge before you have even stepped inside.

Perhaps Excellence V’s most standout feature, a central glass elevator services all five decks. In a fascinating visual display, the cylindrical lift is encased by a spiral staircase in sumptuous dark wood.

The yacht maintains the colourful-yet-minimal motif of its decks indoors, with bold shades and understated composition emanating a distinctly ‘cool’ vibe. In the living area, two walls are occupied by a wraparound sofa in subdued charcoal, whilst blue and red colour splashes are replicated in a row of upholstered bar stools . Other than these pops, the palette is clean, with wall panels and flooring cast in wood and white. The space is refreshing, injecting just the right amount of flair into an otherwise mellow expanse .

The main living area takes an imposing formation. Four muted-tone sofas flank a vast centerpiece coffee table which marries creamy marble and buffered wood, its circular composition mirrored in a ceiling arrangement studded with recessed lighting. The room is flanked by windows that beckon in the outdoors, completing the grandiose symmetry of the room.

The dining area, in true Excellence V fashion, unites wood and cream in a satisfying display of refinement. Veined wall panels and crystalline lighting brackets add a luxurious edge, whilst an artwork expertly and deliberately draws the eye as the only source of colour in the room.

The yacht's staterooms take a slightly different tack, embracing lightness, airiness and an almost kitschy nautical colour scheme. This is achieved through a persistent thread of primary colours, with soft furnishings in white and hard furnishings in a distressed wood. Embracing the classic structure of the bed facing out onto a semicircle of windows, cabins are inundated with natural light.

Living up to its name, Excellence V is an eminently attractive yacht. The highest bidder will be a connoisseur of taste to appreciate this specimen of masterful design.

By Anna Solomon
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