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Interior Insight: The Minimal Glamour of Sealyon

By Anna Solomon

For this week’s Interior Insight we take a peek inside Sealyon, the gorgeous VSY superyacht currently for sale with IYC. An impeccable maintenance program and recent five year survey means that she is in top-drawer condition, however Sealyons’s aesthetic is arguably her biggest drawcard.

The yacht’s Candy&Candy interior denotes the impeccable taste level of the designer. Every detail is meticulously thought out, resulting in the harmonious unification of shades, shapes and textures.

The living space comprises an expanse of sepia tones. Stone-coloured sofas, armchairs and ottomans fringe a caramel carpet counterpoised by mocha end tables and wall panels. Emblazoned cushions and curio-lined cabinets provide detail, whilst low-lighting is achieved through recessed bulbs and 360° streams emanating from a central ceiling feature.

In a futuristic twist, four partitions lined with strip lighting divide the living and dining areas. Eschewing the ecru vibes of the saloon, the dining space becomes a moody recess of shadowy tones. A dark wood table takes centre stage, but the room’s statement piece is a huge lighting feature replicating industrial bulbs.

Staterooms carry through the palette of fawns, ocres and umbers. The main cabin features a fanned headboard and checkerboard shutters in the dark wood that characterises Sealyon, whilst a second stateroom is a muted realm of charcoal walls, cream shutters and lacquer tables. Furnishings such as a triangular mirror and curve-edged bed give the room a bespoke edge.

Sealyon is not an ostentatious yacht, but her indoor spaces have an undeniably upscale aura. She is chic, sometimes bordering on minimalistic, yet retains a sense of good old fashioned glamour. This carefully curated ambience is an undeniable lure for potential buyers, and we hope to see her sold in the near future.

By Anna Solomon
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