Interior Insight: The Vintage Opulence of Areti

By Anna Solomon

85m Areti is a tour-de-force from yacht building giant Lurssen. Aside from her awe-inspiring stature, her interior is one of the finest on the water. Unfettered luxury is what characterises Areti - her Winch-orchestrated spaces truly exemplify what is meant by the phrase ‘floating mansion’.

Stepping onboard Areti, you are met with an expanse of cream and wood enriched by all the luxury trimmings under the sun. Evoking a traditional style with an American twist, her interior is a visual feast.

In the living area, caramel-hued sofas adorned with fur-lined cushions flank a sprawling coffee table. Plush carpeting, wooden walls and delicate drapes evoke a sense of bygone elegance, whilst antique lighting brackets complete the picture of luxury.

Meanwhile, it would not be an exaggeration to call the dining space a banquet hall. A dark wood table, buffered to perfection and served by damask-upholstered chairs, stretches across the room to accommodate 16.

It is the unassuming recesses of Areti, namely the central corridor and staircase, which are perhaps the most impressive. Somehow, this modern build has manages to capture an ambience of vintage opulence. Wandering a veined-marble corridor lined with oak columns and gilt-framed paintings, one almost feels as though they are in a museum, rather than a megayacht constructed in 2017.

This heavy-handed richness extends to the staterooms, where composition is centred about plush king size beds. Gleaming panels, delicate settees and marble-topped tables are counterposed by modern touches such as low-level strip lighting, which casts futuristic light streams across the carpet.

A final luxury quirk, Areti has her own wine cellar. Cast in dappled wood and bathed in warm light, this cosy nook houses an extensive collection of vintages.

Areti’s interior spaces are a wonderland of aesthetics. She is truly a standard bearer for the pedigree seen onboard the most luxurious superyachts in the world.

By Anna Solomon
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