IYC On The Source Of Activity Behind The American Resurgence

By Ben Roberts

IYC is a brand renewed after a successful merger with Cape4 Yachting, and with Stefanos Machrimykolos at the helm as CEO, the global brokerage firm has set its sights firmly on the future of yacht ownership. We spoke to Stefanos Machrimykolos at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show to discuss the modern landscape of the American market, as well as his view on the igniting factors behind financial regrowth.

Albeit an incredibly important part of the yachting culture, the gradual recovery of the European market has paled in comparison to its American counterparts explosion over the last few years. Speaking with Stefanos Macrymichalos, we found out about the geopolitical factors at play behind the growing market activity.

“The U.S. is not operating in a vacuum, the geopolitical circumstances are affecting decisions,” explains an optimistic Stefanos Macrymichalos. “Despite the bad news that is circulating there is also a lot of optimism. We feel that the clients are very knowledgeable of observing the market trends and making the decisions based on those.”

The market has been the target of unfathomable optimism, and while the wider percentage of activity is the result of day to day work for the superyacht industry. The results are clear and the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show is a platform for these conversations, with an exciting election promising to stir things up even more.

“I believe that, like in any other industry, the primary drive is optimism. We can see optimism returning in the US market and the economy is getting stronger. It appears the worst is behind us and that has played a major role. The closer we get to the elections, most of the uncertainty will go away and the market will get even stronger.”

“Since we completed the merger, we made a conscious effort to grow our inventory. We have a very large collection of beautiful yachts which are also for sale, and we have also grown our charter

Watch the above video for a closer look into the market expertise behind IYC and what is providing the modern American market with a significant growth in qualified buyers.

By Ben Roberts