Jan Pachner On The 50 Year Mark Of YCCS

By Ben Roberts

After recently attending the Perini Navi Cup in Sardinia, we witnessed first hand the dedicated sailing and racing mentality behind the luxury set up of the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda (YCCS). Now working to further their Virgin Gorda facilities, we spoke to Secretary General Jan Pachner about why the YCCS is considered one of the true hearts of the sailing community.

“You hopefully witnessed during the Perini Navi Cup, the waters are amazing,” explains Jan Pachner. “Just the natural beauty of the place, and I think that is one of the biggest success factors, just the nature itself. So we are blessed by that and we try to keep it this way, try to protect it. We have great winch conditions for the sailing which makes it perfect sailing waters, and the YCCS, with our clubhouse which we had an important renovation ten years ago […] we’re just lucky enough to have a platform which is very well suited for events like this.”

After celebrating 40 years of the YCCS in Costa Smeralda, the organization decided to expand to further reaches and chose the beautiful backdrop of Virgin Gorda. Now preparing to reach 50 years in 2017, you can hear more about the future of the sailing curators at YCCS in Virgin Gorda by watching the above video.

By Ben Roberts