Janet Johnson on the Bahamas’ Growing Appeal

By Paul Joseph

The Bahamas are widely regarded as one of the world’s most idyllic destinations and for superyacht visitors they offer some of the most beautiful cruising waters anywhere on earth.

But the country is increasingly growing in terms of its infrastructure, meaning that more and more yachts are not just passing through, but staying among the islands for prolonged periods of time.

During this year’s Monaco yacht Show, we sat down with Janet Johnson, Director of Communications at the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, to learn more about the developments taking place across the Bahamas’ 700 islands.

She began by telling us about the creation of the first yacht refit centre in the Bahamas, which it is hoped will provide yacht captains with the confidence to bring their vessel into the area.

“It’s Bradford Marine on the island of Grand Bahama, the speciality is there, yachtsmen can be very confident they can have their yacht repaired on the islands if something goes wrong and bring them there for refitting,” she said. “So we’re very pleased to offer that service and to have the expertise on hand for these very important and very expensive vehicles.”

You can watch the full video interview with Janet Johnson above this article.

By Paul Joseph