Jeanneau on the Rise of Sailing Yachts in China

By Ben Roberts

Jeanneau is the luxury yacht builder with an eye for detail and an established following amongst genuinely passionate yachtsmen. We caught up with Paul Blanc – Managing Director of Jeanneau Asia-Pacific – to discuss how sailing is emerging in the region.

“We have 60 models from 25 metre both power and sail, so we are a one stop shop for anything below the superyacht section,” explains Paul Blanc. “We are based in France but we have a presence globally, but we have been in China for 10 years now pushing and developing this market.”

“[The market] had a big acceleration about six years ago. We had the first marinas built around Shanghai and here in Sanya in late 2000s. There has been a big boom of yachting mostly big power boats for corporate entertainments, people want to go out and treat their clients.”

Shows like the China Rendezvous offer a chance for potential Chinese owners to experience yachting and become educated in the lifestyle so revered in the Mediterranean.

“When people get educated, [the yachts] grow in size but here, people bought the big superyachts and now we are moving towards a trend where people are more passionate about fishing and they want to buy smaller boats.”

Over the last six years, Paul Blanc has seen the market and the client mature. Today, the trend is moving from corporate to passion, clients are using their boats and Jeanneau is experiencing increased demand in both power and motor yachting. Watch the full video to find out more.

By Ben Roberts