JetSet on the New Search for Speed & Sport in China

By Ben Roberts

JetSet Marine is one of the largest yachting distributors in China, providing brands such as Bavaria, Arcadia and introducing a products which match the demand of today. With a new line of boats on display at the China Rendez-Vous, we speak to Jonathan Givelin, Chairman of JetSet, to find out what modern Chinese owners really want.

“Because of the way the market has changed we've been focussing more on our entry range of products and more affordable range of boats,” explains Jonathan Givelin.  

While the Chinese market may be an increasingly stable motor yacht market, the emphasis is slowly turning to fun. With superyacht toys growing in popularity and day-cruiser boats attracting more attention than ever before, this is the perfect time to introduce a new brand into the mix.

“We’ve added to our portfolio to the distribution rights for an American brand of speed boats. It’s a brand called Monterey which are based in Florida […] They do small sports leisure recreation boats for jetskiing wakeboard and things like that, it’s an ideal product as we think this is where the market is going to grow in China.”

Watch the full video on the realistic depiction of China’s modern yachting market, and to learn how more and more people are turning to the water to enjoy time for themselves.

By Ben Roberts