Joe Foggia Explains Christensen's Hold on the US Market

By Ben Roberts

Sat on board Remember When for the second year in a row at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show, we had the pleasure of catching up with Owner of Christensen Yachts, Joe Foggia, to discuss the busiest order book in America.

“We’ve been very busy, or fortunate, that over the last couple of years that we’ve been able to come out of the global recession with many, many orders,” explains Joe. “We have nine [yachts] right now under contract and we’re building a couple of the 120s for Ocean Alexander and that’s worked out really well. They’re really good allies in this overall thing and I think we’re going to do well there. Then we have our new 140 series which is a 43 metre and that’s worked out really well … and the 50m stuff has been very good, we’ve got five of those.”

With an order book which contributes to a notable percentage of the USA’s yachts under construction, Christensen have a firm grasp on the American market due to their knowledge of what the modern American owner is looking for.

“I think that the pedigree and the resale numbers on our boats have been extremely good,” continues Joe, “and I think that’s helped us out a lot. I think that we’re more vertically integrated has a lot to do with it. Building everything or a lot of the things without having a lot of subcontractors ensure the pedigree.”

Watch the above video to hear more about the fluctuation of the American market across the last few years from the Owner of one of the busiest American yards.

By Ben Roberts