Ken Freivokh On The Growing Demand For Versatile Tenders

By Paul Joseph

Pascoe International is the latest venture of world renowned yacht designer Ken Freivokh, who has identified a growing need for larger, more versatile tenders.

We sat down with Ken Freivokh at the 2015 Monaco Yacht Show to find out more about what he describes as his “pet project”.

“It’s very special because it really goes back maybe 12 years or even more,” he says. Up to recently they were just leisure boats, rescue boats, that the owner would buy at the last minute and would use to get to the quayside from the yachts.

"But as the yachts have got bigger they’re mooring further off shore and anchoring in a situation where they need a proper boat to get there.

“Some of them are enclosed but there’s a whole range – some sporty ones, some smaller ones for boats up to maybe 40 metres, but most of the ones we’ve brought to the show except for one exception are for yachts of circa 100 metres.”

So for a man used to working on supersized vessels, what is it like turning his creative talents to smaller boats?

“I think it’s the same set of skills but there’s two things: attention to detail has to, if anything, be even more concentrated and of course I have the manufacturing facility almost opposite our design studio so if I make a mistake I find out very quickly!”

You can watch the full video interview with Ken Freivokh above this article.

By Paul Joseph