Keppel Cove on China's Biggest Yachting Development

By Ben Roberts

China’s largest marina and luxury property development is underway in the Pearl River Delta, showing an incredible turn in investment in yachting infrastructure. Aside from opening up a world of berthing options between Macau and Hong Kong, we discover exactly how China’s latest marina village is changing regional yachting.

“We’ve been getting requests from the market of Macau, the Pearl River Delta and Hong Kong," explains Kenny Lim – Director of Marketing & Sales, Keppel Cove. "We want to get people from China and outside of China together to taste the maritime lifestyle. We have the knowledge of how to make a marina successful.”

The knowledge in question surrounds one of the obstacles facing China’s growth in the yachting market, governmental limitation. To travel in China via yacht is to gain permission, but with a built in Class A port, Keppel Cove is tackling free transit.

We want to educate the Chinese on how to play. For the longest time, Chinese are known to be very hard working people. About ten years ago, you had the emergence of people who were self-made with a lot of money and didn’t have anything to do with it. We’re beginning to see a n emergence of wealthy people looking to fulfil and make memories with their children.

“We have to recognise that the HNRV is the most successful of all the boat shows and yacht shows that are organised in China. A show like this is very important in educating the market and showing people the options and alternatives out there."

Watch the full video above for an in-depth insight into the world of Keppel Cove, and learn how the brand is collecting investors to send a message of demand to the government.

By Ben Roberts