Kingship's Eco-Friendly Superyacht Project - Green Voyager

By B. Roberts

Green Voyager is a unique 45m motor yacht commencing construction later this year. It was designed for an owner who wants to cruise the globe responsibly, without compromising comfort and luxury.

The foundation of Green Voyager’s lowered impact is compliance with RINA’s Green Plus Class notation; making her the first yacht in the world under 50m built to Green Plus standards. Kingships’ engineers and designer, Axis Designs of Viareggio, are concentrating on increasing efficiency in every area. Solutions will include heat reflecting glass, high efficiency insulation, heat recovery, heat pump calorifiers, gas treatment, ultra efficient props, bio lubes, and fuels environmental operations manuals.

The aim of her design is to reduce the power demand by an average of 20% and tank testing has proved the Green Voyager is optimized to 16% more propulsion efficient compared to a conventional yacht of the same size. The hull efficiency is helped by a waterline length a mere 50cm shorter than the yacht itself. Green Voyager protects the environment and the owner’s operational costs.

Eco-friendly Superyacht Green Voyager has adopted the Siemens SiShip Eco-Prop system to lower energy consumption and stay clean and compact. The system is suitable for outputs between 110kw and 760kW, split between two propellers. Siemens also offers a combination of diesel-electric propulsion system and direct diesel drive, allowing the captain to select the most suitable mode for each situation. On longer voyage at rated speed it would more suitable to employ the diesel drivel, while slow, relaxed cruises would benefit for the electric motor.

With the Eco-Prop system, an intelligent power management system (PMS) regulates the power supply fully automatically. The PMS constantly monitors the cruising speed and amount of equipment on board that needs to be supplied with power. It then keeps only those diesel generators running that are necessary to meet this demand. With the PMS system, the crew will be able to vary the speed of the diesel motor so that it always runs at maximum efficiency. This results in the lowest possible emissions in every situation with lower fuel and maintenance costs.

Kingship is currently finalizing the design phase and will begin building this unique motor yacht in late 2010.

By B. Roberts
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