Kusch Yachts Launch Superyacht V853

By Ben Roberts

While the close of 2014 draws near and a new year approaches, it has emerged that Kusch Yachts yesterday presented a brand-new addition to the global superyacht fleet with the successful launch of the 101 metre V853 motor yacht.

Of course, projects of this scale are confidential from the moment their life starts on the drawing board and remain under wraps long after they hit the water. Once they are out of the yard, however, they are hard to conceal and photos are often presented to us to show the milestone occasion.

Even though a yacht may be on the water, it may be some time until the final phases of construction are completed, but this is none the less a project which has put Kusch Yachts on the map for 2014/15.

Few details are known about this yacht and we can only confirm that – now this yacht is on the water - the 101 metre Kusch Yachts V853 has taken the 30th spot in the Superyachts.com Top 100.

This is the second largest yacht built at the Peters shipyard - the first being Al Mirqab – and while more details will come to light in good time, we look forward to delivering them to you as and when they emerge.

By Ben Roberts
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