Lally Poulias on Shortlisted 103m Blue Diamond

By George Bains

Greek superyacht designer Lally Poulias has a strong reputation for imaginative designs, fusing geometry with aesthetics to meet the ever-evolving demands of clients. Lally spoke to about his latest project, 103m Blue Diamond, which has been shortlisted for the International Yacht & Aviation Awards.

Having spent time working under design icon Jon Bannenberg in London, Poulias set up his own studio in Athens in 1993. Since then, he has been the creative driving force behind incredible superyachts including RM Elegant and Moonlight II, and has a stellar portfolio of innovative designs.

Lally’s talent for innovation has been channelled into Blue Diamond, a 103m superyacht which boasts a beautiful sleek profile and a contemporary design. Focused on delivering privacy, luxury and comfort to the owner and guests, Blue Diamond is a sensational concept with a plethora of inventive amenities and features. Lally gives an insight into this exciting superyacht concept…

With Blue Diamond shortlisted for the Intl Yacht & Aviation Awards, what was your vision for this project and how pleased are you to see the concept nominated?

Blue Diamond started as a concept project, in the meantime I was approached by two important people with great experience in this field; Mr Kotsatos who is a ship owner and great lover of mega yachts, and Mr Polatos, a famous naval architect who works with the renowned German yards Blohm & Voss and Lürssen.  

As partners of Diamond Yachts, we decided not only to promote the concept but to build it. Under these circumstances it was inevitable that we would apply for the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2021. I was thrilled to see that the concept was shortlisted and look forward to the nomination.

How will Blue Diamond meet the demands of modern superyacht owners?

In my opinion, modern superyacht owners prefer smart boats. Blue Diamond’s design philosophy is focused on that. It incorporates futures such as extensive glass surfaces for panoramic views not only to the main and dining salons, but to the owner, VIP and guest suites. The external decks stretch from bow to stern; the owners private fore deck, the Jacuzzi sun deck, the aft bar deck, the external dining and helideck, and the most impressive of all the sun bathing deck with its retractable platforms and beach bar.

What are your favourite features of Blue Diamond?

My favourite features of this 103m yacht are the innovative retractable salon balconies and the translucent elliptical lighting features above the aft external dining area.

What challenges or advantages are there to designing a superyacht of this category?

Innovation is essential when designing a superyacht of this category. The designer’s challenge is to create a sleek boat and at the same time have spacious interior.

Having spent 4 years working with Jon Bannenberg in London, how much influence did the godfather of modern yacht design have on your career and ethos as a designer?

It was a great privilege to work with Jon Bannenberg in London. Jon was our mentor; he introduced modern and extraordinary forms into yacht design and created a new era, his own era which we all try to follow and serve. A multitalented man that influenced the yacht industry and changed the way we think about yachts. Thank you, Jon.

What statement does Blue Diamond make for the ambitions of Lally Poulias Designs going forward?

Blue Diamond is another challenge, however I will keep on trying to find ways to create new innovative designs so that I will always be inspired.


Blue Diamond will be sure to dazzle at the International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2021, and this marvellous design could be coming to life sooner than we think. Engineering studies on the yacht concept are in the process of being finalised, and Lally expects that it will be ready to enter construction in 5 months. At 103m in length and with a beam of 16m, Blue Diamond would become the largest Lally Poulias-designed superyacht to be built.  

"Innovation is essential when designing a superyacht of this category."

Lally Poulias


"Innovation is essential when designing a superyacht of this category."

Lally Poulias
By George Bains
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