Lürssen To Debut Ester III At Monaco Yacht Show

By Ben Roberts

It’s around this time of year that Monaco Yacht Show updates start to emerge and the excitement begins to build; and Lürssen Yachts have released information regarding their exciting addition to the world’s most respected superyacht showcase.

Ester III was delivered by Lürssen in autumn 2014, and will now begin preparations for her first showcase at the Monaco Yacht Show this September. This sleek 66 metre superyacht is as pedigree as they come, with classic interiors and an unusual deck layout which provides her with a distinctive ‘masculine’ exterior profile.

A statement from Lürssen explains: “Two world-leading design studios, each adding unique ingredients to the successful recipe, together with a number of Owner-commissioned artisans, have allowed us the opportunity to create a truly unique vessel that opens the eyes to new possibilities in designing spaces for living. Combined with the Lürssen engineering and expertise, the end result is a superyacht that will provide decades of seaworthy enjoyment with an authentic feel”.

The two design studios in question are Espen Oeino International and Reymond Langton Design, responsible for exterior and interior respectively. With Espen Oeino’s striking exterior turning heads wherever Ester III roams, it’s Raymond Langton Design’s elegant interior - with hand-carved leather artwork running through the main stairwell - that adds to the overall sophistication and style throughout.

Running from 23rd September - 26th the Monaco Yacht Show will be celebrating it’s 25th anniversary, bringing with it what we can only imagine to be an incredible fleet of the latest and greatest superyachts. Stay tuned for more information surrounding the upcoming Monaco Yacht Show.

By Ben Roberts
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